UK Maintenance & LPG Installs

Our team has many years of experience and will make recommendations in accordance with the LPG Code Of Practice for the location and installation of your new LPG tank, and talk you through the whole installation process.

Our recommendations are made taking into account the supply to your home, and health and safety issues. If, at anytime in the future, you intend to make any changes to the area surrounding your tank, structural or otherwise, please consult our team, so that we can advise and make sure that your tank is still safe and conforms to legal requirements.

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To reduce the risk of fire:

  • Position the tank 3 metres from a building, drain, property boundary or a fixed source of ignition, e.g. a car or a garden shed (some exceptions may apply).
  • Keep the area around the tank free of combustible materials, e.g. leaves, rubbish, wood, etc.
  • The tank area must be well ventilated and not enclosed by walls or solid fences on any more than 2 sides.


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